About The Word Of God

Young Christians today are offered a number of ways to learn the words of God. Many so-called religious teachers cast doubt on God’s word. They make people question the authority and truthfulness of God’s word. When a person finds salvation, it’s easy for them to think the bible is the lord’s word and that the Scriptures cannot be questioned. This makes sense because it’s easy to think the word of God helped the person in their hour of need. After all, how else would the person be saved if the lord’s word wasn’t trustworthy.

However, throughout our lives we will come across people who are always ready to challenge the word of the lord. Non-believers who teach in our colleges and schools will put the book down and preach alternatives, so they can should worldly and knowledgeable. When someone is lost, this is exactly what they do. However, those who are believers need to stand their ground. After all, we have and should embrace the teachings of the lord.

Unfortunately, a number of young students at Christian universities and schools will only do a bit better. There are those who consider themselves bible teachers, but they will have no problem making people second-guess others’ faith by saying God’s original words means something completely different. The same teachers will come off as if their words are the words spoken by God.

The reality is that the above kind of talk is completely foreign to leading bible characters, including the Apostles. They claim that God’s word is good, and they will say “this said the Lord” in a confident way.

If you want to find out what the main reason for this confidence is, then go and read the Psalm 12:6-7. You’ll quickly see that the words in this section state that God’s words are pure. They don’t discuss the word of God in general. It clearly says that the words of God are true and they are to be preserved forever.

It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by or what age we live in, we will always be able to read the bible and access the words of the lord. If you come across a bible teacher who tries to change around the words of God, just be patient and take heart. God promised his words would be preserved and that the scriptures will be accessible at all times. God doesn’t break his promises. Just stay true to God’s message, and he will remain with you and me for the rest of our lives.

Remember, the words found in the bible are derived from the Holy Spirit, who is a being that works in mysterious ways. It words hard to covert people and to introduce them to Jesus Christ. We recommend reading Jeremiah 1:1, which is where you’ll learn that God watches over us and makes sure his words are fulfilled. Take the time to read this section and try your hardest to live by the word of God.

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